45 years publishing directories


Ibcon started in 1954 as the Mexican office of International Business Consultants, Ltd. We created industrial engineering departments for very well known companies such as Altos Hornos de México, Aluminio Industrial Mexicano, Celanese Mexicana, Cervecería Moctezuma. In the sixties, we developed a new line of consulting: industrial marketing research, later developed into directory publishing.

Our Directorio de Centros de Información (Directory of Information Centers), first published in 1973, started in the sixties as a set of files to support our own research.

Directories are usually media for advertising, but we don't accept advertising. Our directories are organized as reference books, to help executives, researchers, librarians, when looking for new opportunities, contacts, developments. Most of them are fully indexed to make them user friendly. Entries are included or excluded, larger or shorter, for the benefit of the user, not the benefit of the entry. We get tips for entries from many sources (you are invited to send us suggestions), and send questionnaires by mail, fax, e-mail and phone. From the answers we make a decision about the entry and give it the appropiate form. But we cannot guarantee the information published, nor assume any responsibility for the results in using it. We thank all kind of corrections and suggestions.